Overstrand Training Institute (OTI) has designed a programme called Jumpstart Classes in partnership with the Overstrand Community Learning, to give a second chance to young people who have not completed their matric.

Jumpstart is a pilot programme which offers an opportunity to young people under the age of 35, who did not complete their matric to start from Grade 10. This programme offers 5 subjects three times per week 09:00 till 13:00 pm. The class times has been specially arranged to allow our learners to work and balance their study and assignments.

For a student to achieve matric level it will take a minimum of 30 months with the opportunity to sit the first exams in the first year. There are two opportunities to sit the vocational matric examinations. Upon achievement of this vocational matric graduates are eligible to qualify in a variety of professional certificates.

The first group is completely sponsored and we have a waiting list for the next group after this one. If you wish to complete your matric you are welcome to come to our centre Overstrand Training Institute and apply.


Grade 09 report
Age 18 to 35 years old
R50 Application fee
ID book or Birth Certficate

We welcome all the support to meet the needs of our youth community.




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